Works & Aesthetics


b. 1986, HK.



Am I an Artist or a Designer?

Most people differentiate themselves as either an artist or a designer, others wonder whether they hold the title of the first or the latter, I like to represent and be defined by both.

I want to be defined as a designer because i study Engineering Psychology. Engineering psychology is a program that combines both the fields of engineering and psychology to engage the student to apply knowledge of human behavior to the design of websites, software, electronics, and other equipment. In other words, I immerse in the process of solving non-mathematical problems combining technical skills and out-of-the-box creative thinking. Personally, I am most interested in eco-friendly innovation design and biomimicry.

On the other hand, I am also an artist. Art is a big part of my life, not because I study Studio Art but because making art is a way of life. Art is for me a means of inspiration, interpretation, self-reflection, and a visual composition of intangible ideas/feelings. I have been engaged in the process of making art way before I discovered and understood the notion of design.

In this collection of works I try to exhibit some self generated visual art works via a variety of media, as well as some projects were form follows function, where the end craft is not just interpreted but also understood and used by another agent. My works range from 3D animations, to photography, to studio art, to UI/UX system design, and to logo making and rebranding.

On the "Works" section of this website i have galleries and descriptions of all of my previous projects.

The "Moodboard" section is a gallery of photos that i took of places i visited, photography projects that i undertook, and a few designs that i have done on my free time. All of these photos are in line with my aesthetics and inspirations.



Technology, Innovation, UI, UX, Product Design, Disruptive Design, Design for Nature, Environmental Design, Biomimicry, Graphic Design, Street Art, Graffiti, Photography, Drawing, Advertising, Running, Muay Thai, Kick boxing, Skiing, Swimming, Listening & Exploring Music (for hours!), Nature, Minimalism, Thinking & Advancing.