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Hi everyone, this is the first blog post i have ever written in my short life, hence i have no idea what i am doing. This post “exists” in a website than i designed for the purpose of having an online portfolio. Feel free to navigate around. The “About” section describes what every section of this website contains, as well as a small introduction of myself.

For the rest of this post i would like to write down my thoughts in systems and automation, since it is not only a hot topic but also currently discussed in class.

A brief History of automation

Nikola Tesla is considered to be the grandfather of automation since he demonstrated the world’s first wireless remotely operated unmanned system. It was an electrically powered boat (4ft long). Tesla proposed using his invention as a and-launched naval torpedo that would prevent future wars by deterring the mightiest of battleships from occupying a harbor. The U.S. Navy was not convinced by Tesla’s invention, and refuse to fund it. Soon after, pioneers extended radio-controlled technology to full-size maritime vessels, airships, and aircrafts.

Autonomous systems nowadays

Autonomous technology, is a kind of technology that operates by itself, aka automatically. Nowadays, the rapidly evolving technology has reached a level where everyday technology, ranging from a car to a vacuum, is developing into autonomous machines. The establishment of such new systems can be beneficiary to our society. To begin with, these machines reduce potential human workload as well as improve human performance. Also, an increase in productivity is observed, and perform tasks that are dangerous for humans. Autonomous systems can also expand human potential by providing safe access. For example, an autonomous vehicle can be the biggest luxury that a blind person can have.

There is no doubt that autonomous systems are groundbreaking, but is our society ready for them?

In order to have a sustainable and safe progression of this technology we must take into consideration certain things.

  1. Validation: new test and evaluation approaches to assess autonomous systems with stochastic and adaptive behaviors.

  2. Sustainment: technologies and processes to support prolonged operational use of autonomous systems

  3. Security: systems to safeguard autonomous systems from adversarial interference

  4. Ethics: technologies and policy to ensure advanced autonomy maintains alignment with human interests and values

  5. Counter-autonomy: technology to detect and mitigate adversarial adoption of advanced autonomy

(Boulet, 2017)

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